Steal your face… Part 9…

Like all my plans, this one has come unraveled. It sounded simple enough. Creep ninja-like into your blogs, steal your pictures, and mess with them. I felt like some kind of sneaky performance artist. But no. Nothing is ever simple in my world.

Now people are lining up and screaming,  “do me, do me.”  And trust me… that isn’t nearly as sexy as it sounds…

The other problem is, once again, some of you have no pictures on your blogs. You want me to do weird stuff with nothing at all to start off with. Now, to make matters worse, the animal lovers are lining up asking for special treatment. Did I call this series ‘Steal your pet’? No, I did not.

Fine. I brag that this is an interactive blog. I am a man of my word. But if you want special treatment you don’t get a bunch of pictures. You get one.

This is for my friend;

Her Gravatar image is a dog looking at a computer. The image was too small to use, so I went to Google and got a similar image. But now that I turned the image a little, I know why the dog is so fascinated by the computer. He is reading my blog!!!

a 2He is even looking at my new picture of him looking at my blog on my blog. How weird is that?

Next, I had a request from a brand new friend;

I know nothing about her at all, except that she says she likes bunnies…

a 1At least she had a picture to work with.

And last but not least is my strange friend;

I don’t mean that he is strange so much as he is Canadian. Now I am not going to tell you the whole sordid story of how we once started a revolution against WordPress and their new changes. Or how our banner featured a certain forest creature. You will have to read my old posts to find out about that. But Trent let me in on the secret of what makes the Canadian army the most feared fighting force on the planet. They have a secret weapon…

a 3That’s right. They have the dreaded flaming war beavers. That is top-secret, so keep your mouth shut.

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19 Responses to Steal your face… Part 9…

  1. You’re burning our nickle beaver..

  2. brain4rent says:

    You made my perfect heaven…me and all those cute little bunnies, except maybe the sneaky one in the corner that looks like it’s whispering secrets about me. In my real world, I am slave to 3 rabbits 9lbs Bullwinkle,, 10lbs Mystic Baby and 17lbs Bongo Boy…This pic makes me remember the good ole days when I had one rabbit and one guinea pig that both weighed under 3lbs. Thank you for your creative genius….

  3. benzeknees says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I hate to rain on your parade, but the dog featured on my gravatar is actually a doberman (which was the closest dog I could find that looked like my beloved rottweiler Bandit). Big difference between a rotti & a dachsund. I think Bandit could have swallowed a dachsund if he weren’t such a softie.

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