You think it’s the end of the world… but it’s snot…

I didn’t mean to

I swear it is true

It just kind of happened

That I sneezed on you

I didn’t mean to

It happened too quick

I sprayed you with germ cells

Now you might get sick

It was an accident

Just please calm down

It could have been worse

It could have been brown

It hit your face

Just like a comet

But at least it wasn’t

Projectile vomit

I am sorry I laughed

But the look on your face

You would have thought

You had been sprayed with mace

I know you are angry

I know you are pissed

That your face is now covered

With a fine booger mist

So with a final apology

This facial you got

Nobody ever died

From my slippery snot


Okay, you may well be wondering what that was all about.

My good friend,  Hastywords, at; likes to write poems with people. She does a lot of really steamy romance stuff, and moving stuff about lost love. She involves a lot of very creative people. She even included me.

You may remember that we did another poem together that I posted not long ago. It was sexy. (I wrote my part while I was thinking about my wife, so don’t look at me like that) But I have been trying to get Hasty to do some silly stuff with me.

This morning, I was surprised to get an email from her with the first four lines of this poem on it. I came up with four more, and then her, and it just sort of grew from there. I did however insist on being allowed to name the poem, since I didn’t pick…(ha! that is a booger joke)… the topic.

Now, I hope she will do a science fiction poem with me, perhaps one loosely based on my novel, or maybe just some random space adventure.

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19 Responses to You think it’s the end of the world… but it’s snot…

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  2. benzeknees says:

    Even though I am so totally against people spreading germs, I liked the playfulness of this poem. Hotspur can tell you I don’t like poems & I liked this one!

  3. Aliyaaaa says:

    Guahaha what a great poem! I shall sing this to the next unfortunate soul I snot all over 😛

  4. dkorthbooks says:

    I don’t know how to contact you other than on here…I have something you might be interested in…as in a writing project. lol. email me!

  5. Mancakes says:

    Sooooo grody….

  6. shanesbookblog says:

    Love this poem!

    You guys did an awesome job!

    And I really really LOVE the photo you did with good old Abe in the shades!

    Lincoln is probably my favorite person from history, him and of course Edgar Allan Poe.

    That post is just so unique, creative, and awesome!

    I smiled several times from reading this poem and that post, so Thank You!!

    I shall return to indulge more of your work!

  7. EagleAye says:

    I suppose a snotty retort would be entirely predictable at this point? Well, sometimes I’m predictable.

  8. hastywords says:

    I have to read your novel first but I shall, I want to, and I will!!!!! Then write we shall! Now stop flinging your boogs.

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