Flowers and skeletons and oranges, oh my…

I have decided to post those Easter flower pictures. I know that some of you who live where it is still snowing don’t like to be reminded that San Diego has flowers all year round. But others seem to look at it as a reminder of what they have to look forward to…

a 1And it does keep me from talking about the… you know what…

a 2Oh, I am still going to talk about the… you know what… later today…

a 3But I will try to mix it up a little, not just make it another sales pitch…

a 4Because that is the least I can do, and never let it be said that I don’t always do the least I can do!

a 5Now you may have been wondering about the title of this post. It may have crossed your mind that skeletons don’t really seem to fit in very well with the flower theme. But Aunt Sharon is one of those people who likes to keep busy. Remember the pictures of the camping trip where we all tie dyed shirts and cooked fancy food in the Dutch oven over the fire? Well Sharon does a lot of arts and crafts. She makes these really cool Halloween skeletons out of old plastic milk jugs…

a 6She also makes those cool fish out of old CD’s and soda bottles. I just thought I would share that with you.

Also, if you live where there is still snow, you may not remember the taste of fresh oranges, so I will share this picture also…

a 7Spring is on the way, people. Just hang in there.


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20 Responses to Flowers and skeletons and oranges, oh my…

  1. You are NOT going to believe this: I think we are related…..only because I grew up in San Ysidro….which is not even close to Poway…and visit friends in San Diego often…well, semi-often. And….no…we should never meet. Ever.
    Oh, man……

  2. benzeknees says:

    I also love the flower in the 3rd pic, so go check with Sharon if you please to get us the name of it. Spring is on the way – I heard a goose fly by today! We still have lots of snow, but the geese are returning.

  3. Fantastic fotografy.

  4. jatwood4 says:

    San Diego is one of my favorite cities in the world — just lovely when everything blooms. I have a sister and brother-in-law who live out in Poway — they will never come back to Maine after living there. Beautiful photos — thanks so much!

  5. That third flower down, what is it? I mean, besides gorgeous.

  6. i knew you would post the

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