I did it!

I went for an entire day without boring you by talking about my hilarious science fiction book…


Book One of


Available in paperback now at;


and on Kindle at;


(Coming soon to other e-readers, I hope)…

But I do want to ask your opinion about something. I need your help. I have never made it a secret that I am an all-art-side-of-the-brain type person. What that means is that I can come up with new story lines for this series of books forever. What I can’t do is market myself. Even I don’t consider what I am now doing… harassing all of you and my relatives and everyone else I know to buy a copy of my book… to be a very effective marketing strategy.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. I can come up with crazy marketing ideas by the hundreds. I can make a giant alien costume of one of the characters from the book and start stalking the streets of San Diego. I could rush around to phone booths and call in hundreds of spaceship sightings to the news outlets. I could hire a plane to do sky writing or pull a big banner. I can order boxes full of my own paperbacks and try to sell them at the beach or at train stations, or hand out business cards to strangers. Trust me, I can go on and on like that. But I need real ideas from normal people… and people who follow my blog.

I need to create a buzz.

This isn’t just marketing to fulfill my vast need for attention. It isn’t just about trying to become a famous author and have them make movies of my books. I mean obviously that is all part of it. I need to make at least a little money or I have to go back to trying to get another minimum wage job. But I believe that there is a tipping point. A certain magic number of books that I have to sell on my own before I can go into the big publishing houses and say, “Look, people like the books. I am worth taking a chance on.” And then I will have access to their marketing resources. And then I can stop pestering you to buy them.

I know that you have no real reason to care whether or not I ever make money as a writer. Other than the fact that you sort of like me, that is. But this isn’t just for me. If I, a crazy and rather lazy old guy who dropped out of high school in the 1970’s, can’t spell or use proper grammar, has no real life skills and is a complete computer moron, can make it as an author, then we all have a chance. We can all do it.

Try to think of me as that monkey they sent up in a space rocket before they tried it with a human being. Let me be your rocket monkey.

So please, give me some ideas. How can I spread the word about this first book?

Help me to help all of us, the dreamers who string words together and hope that somebody reads them.


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14 Responses to I did it!

  1. paralaxvu says:

    Post short teasers on your blog, and at the end of the post, in bold, larger letters, say, “Like the post? Read the book!” Then add a pic of the book cover. No money involved;-)

  2. benzeknees says:

    1) A bunch of authors give away free copies to people who will write a review for them.
    2) Start a contest with your readers & make the prize a signed copy of your book. Make the contest something relevant to your book’s topic.

  3. onwindydays says:

    Hmm, I do agree with creating a Facebook account in the name of your book. I am positively sure that a good number of your WP readers (including me!) have an account and would gladly spread the word to our lists of friends. That could be a good start. It’s all about that social marketing nowadays. But congratulations on publishing that book!

  4. tony espino says:

    Although I don’t have any great marketing ideas I do believe that as long as you continue to create great art, then you won’t go unnoticed forever. I think as long as you try to build a fan base, and keep writing work that you’re proud of then the rest will follow.
    I understand what you’re saying about publishers taking a risk on you, but I think they’ll look more at who you could potentially sell to (your fan base), and strictly not primarily on how many you’ve sold. I’m sure it helps if your sales are through the roof, but they probably like to see who’s in your net via your blog, facebook, twitter, etc.
    I wish you all the best. It’s like any art form, if you’re great, eventually they’ll come to you.

    • Thanks for that. I did put all I had into the stories. I think they speak for themselves. But a self-published book vanishes into the list pretty quick. I think some good reviews will help. I just need to wait for some to come in.

  5. 1tric says:

    I wish you all the luck in the world. I am clueless but will ask lots of people lots of questions.

  6. Trent Lewin says:

    Dear rocket monkey, I do sort of like you and likely will buy your book when I can get it on my iPad (or can I do that now?). I am not a marketing fella, but I guess you should (if not done already) get a Facebook account in the name of your book (I would suggest you take some of your cool illustrations and pepper the site with them), get out to an author’s conference and talk about your book every five seconds, maybe try to publish a chapter that’s more-or-less stand-alone in a science fiction literary journal or publication, try to meet and impress a published author at the conference and get a connection to an agent, maybe even retain a marketing expert if there are such things? I dunno. Those are my silly suggestions, I will do may part by buying (and more importantly reading) your book.

    • These are all good and well thought out ideas. Some might cost money, which is a bad thing. But I will try these out if I can. I think we are still working on Ipad availability unless you use some kind of Kindle app thingy. But it should happen.
      Can’t I just catch a beaver, tie a sign with the name of the book on its tail, light the beaver on fire, and set it loose downtown?

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