Sharing the love… Part 2…

Pay a visit to my friend Mooselicker.

But before you do, let me give you fair warning. He is going to offend you on some level. In every single post. Sometimes he can offend you multiple ways in the same post. He is just that good. I realize that this seems as if I am damning him with faint praise. But it is the truth.

That being said, the guys cracks me up. He looks at the world with an ancient cynicism mixed with the world view of  someone who had a particularly difficult childhood. Mixed in with the insensitive remarks that often border on the completely inappropriate are some keen insights into the way the world works. You just have to sift through the dirt a little. And it is always worth it.

I don’t know if this is going to help him at all, but I hope it does. If you see past the veneer of sarcasm, you will come to realize that he is a sensitive man with a keen sense of the injustice so often done to people in this life. Unfortunately he also seems to think that most of the injustice was done to him. And maybe it was.

But here is a fact you probably do not know. Mooselicker is the one blogger who follows my blog that I almost met in real life. He was visiting Los Angeles with his Sister a few months back for some strange project he was working on. We exchanged emails. We had it all set up to meet for lunch. I was going to drive the two hours to meet up with him, even though I never go to that city unless I have to. But my older daughter got sick and the plan fell through.

I will always regret that.

So pay him a visit…

You can always turn right around and leave if you feel you need to.

Oh, and he hasn’t really ever licked a moose or any other animal. So I don’t want to hear any complaints from the SPCA.

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24 Responses to Sharing the love… Part 2…

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  2. I was already following him! Hooray! I beat you! Finally, a blogger that I was already following. The other two I wasn’t.

  3. elroyjones says:

    The Moose Man is cute as the dickens! I can’t wait to see what happens with the “girlfriend book”. He’ll be famous and you can say you almost had lunch with him!

  4. benzeknees says:

    Your link didn’t work for me.

  5. Mooselicker says:

    This was great. Possibly the nicest you’ve ever been to me. I’d argue but I’m easy. Tell me one nice thing then surround it with insults and I’ll only care about that one nice thing. I’m from a fragile generation. Wouldn’t that be great if this post was Freshly Pressed? Man, I’d never let you live that down.

  6. I still think he’s licked an animal, I just don’t think it was a moose. He’s just trying to make it sound fancier than it was.

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