No, the WordPress revolution is not over, but we might as well look at some funny pictures while we wait for you to work up your anger…

I still want your comments on what you think of the WordPress changes to the reader and the stats pages. Comment on the post below this one, or better yet, do your own post to let WordPress know how you feel.

But while we wait for the revolution to build steam, I may as well entertain you… somehow…

I have told you many times that I want this blog to be interactive. That means I take suggestions… sometimes… and then I put my own spin on them.

I was having a comment conversation with my friend Xavier Yes… (if that is your real name)… over at

We were talking about how hard it is to remove a judge from office. I said it would be fun to have an ejector bench for crazy judges, like the one in the James Bond cars. Xavier said this sounded like a good idea for a new Photoshop series. And if you agree with this idea, let me know. It might be fun to see various annoying famous people being sent hurtling through the air. My first thought on this subject is that I would buy a limousine, rig up an ejector seat, and move to Washington DC…

a 2Oh… sorry, Mr. Cheney… I forgot to make the hole in the roof…

I also got a suggestion from a new friend, Maddie Cochere… I don’t know how to pronounce her last name, but I do it with a sexy French accent which makes me smile… from over at , who said something about doing people as famous album covers. Well guess what? Been there, done that, a long time ago…

Yes… I know… that is a young Dick Cheney… times four… in his 1960’s band, Captain Salt’s Grouchy Spleen Club Band… If you think I should do more album covers, speak up or forever hold your peace… or is that piece???

It may not be a coincidence that all these pictures involve our friend Dick Cheney. It seems I still haven’t worked out all my anger towards him yet. In fact, as long as I am doing old pictures of Dick, let me just throw in this one…

And my all time favorite… which I do apologize for…

If that picture doesn’t give you the creeps, you need to speak to someone in the mental health industry.

If you like pictures that make fun of Dick Cheney, and you aren’t interested in joining the WordPress revolution, go down to the bottom of my blog page, and click on the month of April from last year, and then just start scrolling back hitting the older post button when you reach the bottom each time. In fact, the posts about Dick my go back to March, because I really did let off a lot of anger towards that guy.

Okay, thanks… I feel better.

Long live the revolution!

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14 Responses to No, the WordPress revolution is not over, but we might as well look at some funny pictures while we wait for you to work up your anger…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Haha. You will have to tell Uncle Bert that someone finds him adorable! He’ll love it. And of course you know I love the limo…especially the fact that you forgot to put in an opening. He is creepy as Fred. And would probably be very very upset with you for giving him long hippie hair…I believe he never went thru that stage and thought that long hair was the ultimate bad thing at the time. So of course I would now like to see him as Madonna or Cher the Half Breed or Tiny Tim or anybody with long scraggly dirty hair. Viva la Revolution! Oh, and if the English take us over again, does that mean we get universal health care finally?

  2. elroyjones says:

    We all love the album cover.

  3. Hahahaha … very good album cover, and not a smile in the group. I like the ejector seat possibilities. Dick Cheney as Fred Flintstone is the best! … And yes, saying my last name with a sexy French accent is perfect. 😉

  4. Xavier Yes says:

    Fantastic. I think you already know my opinion on whether or not there should be a series. The lack of a hole was an especially nice touch.
    Also, you’ve disproven my theory that the live-action Fred Flintstone couldn’t have gotten more terrifying. Holy hot pockets.

  5. crimsonprose says:

    Like the words, like the pics, don’t like the changes . . . except the new style reader does force a real-style visit to read the rest of the post, whereas before you could browse the first x-many words and not ‘enter’

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