Breaking News!!!

The rumors floating around Hollywood about Legolas the Elf having some financial difficulties due to his manager absconding with the money from the lucrative movie franchise have been proven to be more than just idle gossip. I have obtained photographs confirming that Legolas was forced to take part-time work in a seasonal job…

a1To make matters worse, not long after being hired, Legolas became embroiled in a workplace dispute between the union and management…

a4Maybe he should have given his earnings to the Dwarves. Everybody knows that they know how to hoard a treasure.


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2 Responses to Breaking News!!!

  1. djmatticus says:

    Sure the dwarves are good at hoarding treasure, but then you run the risk of them “forgetting” which tunnel they hid it in. Can’t really trust magicians either – they might give you funny money in return. When you think about it your only real choice is to trust it to a hobbit.

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