Hey, I don’t know you, but I need you to do me a favor…

Well obviously I know some of you, assuming that my legions of followers are going to read this too. But if you just happen to see this post on one of the many WordPress walls I am going to tag it for, just give me a few minutes of your time.

My one year anniversary of this blog is coming up on the 30th of December. It is like my blog’s birthday,Β so to speak.

I would like to get 30,000 views in time for the party.

(No, not 30,000 new hits… that would be asking to much of you, and we just met… I am already at 29,208 views, I just need help bumping the number over the edge)…

Now I know what you are thinking. That I am a shameless blog ho. And you are absolutely right. But there is a reason for this self-prostitution. I am getting ready to try toΒ get my hilarious sci-fi novel published… (You can read about a third of it posted under the button at the top of the page called ‘Saloon at the Edge of Everywhere… a novel’)… And I have been told that having a reasonably succesful blog is a good selling point when you go to publishers as a new writer.

So all I am asking is that you visit my blog… as many times as you have time for. I don’t even care if you read anything… although if you poke around I think you will find lots of stuff to amuse you… Just click on stuff. Then go away and come back again later and click on some more stuff. Scroll down, hit some like buttons. I’m not asking for an emotional commitment. I know you are busy. But we are all writers here, more or less, and we all have dreams. And mine is to get published.

If you take this task upon yourself, leave me a comment somewhere saying that you did it. And when I get my book made into a movie, I will go back and look at those comments and try to get all of you tickets to the premier. Maybe you will get to meet Brad Pitt or whoever plays the hero in the movie.

So what do you have to lose??

About pouringmyartout

You will laugh at my antics... That is my solemn promise to you... Or your money back... Stop on by...
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82 Responses to Hey, I don’t know you, but I need you to do me a favor…

  1. Best of luck with the book! I’m on the same road.

  2. SocietyRed says:

    You look like a friendly face. I’ve certainly seen it around enough.
    Tell you what, I’ll spend the entire day at my government job clicking post after post. It will be even better knowing taxpayers will help get you where you want to be!
    By the end of the day, we’ll be like brothers!

  3. GingerSnaap says:

    I also think I’m the only person on WordPress who didn’t acknowledge her 1 year blogaversary. Sigh. It was in June. I just let it roll right on by and didn’t tell anyone.

  4. GingerSnaap says:

    Yay! I’ll be your pimpalicious pimp mama!

    Do you want to know what’s sad? I don’t know what my blog view numbers are. I never look. Maybe I will today…maybe.

  5. List of X says:

    To summarize this post, “Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number (29,208), so raise it maybe” πŸ™‚
    I don’t mind a little blog self-prostitution if it’s for a noble cause, like getting a book published. So I clicked on 30-40 posts or so.

  6. Mooselicker says:

    Start posting ads on Craigslist with a link to your blog. I’ve done it before and it does jump some hits up there. Say something like you’re looking for similar bloggers. Post all over the country too.

    Or you could always write nice things about other bloggers and in turn they will probably plug it for you. I still say Craigslist is less evil than being nice on a blog.

  7. Seyi sandra says:

    I’ll love to be in your movie dude! Happy anniversary!!!

  8. Raven says:

    Clicked, and clicked

  9. Rincewind says:

    Wow amazingly shameless. I LOVE IT πŸ™‚

  10. fitzythird says:

    I’m all over it!….I hope you find time however between meeting with Hollywood execs and dating Taylor Swift eventually to pop on over to my blog and shower me praise. I just joined last week here so please be gentle yet firm. ….http://fitzfocus.wordpress.com

  11. lovelaser65 says:

    I am here for you Blog Ho. Happy anniversary!

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