Climate change… part 5…

Headline News:

Mitt Romney today toured the areas devastated by the recent super storm.

He gave a very moving and impassioned speech insisting that climate change is a hoax, and even if it isn’t, the God that he loves must have a plan… and at the very least Mitt’s magic underpants would serve as a flotation device. The crowd was small but very enthusiastic…

He told another crowd all about his plan to eliminate FEMA and turn it over to private corporations. The details were a little vague, but he insists that corporations always put people before profit, because corporations are just people too. Really big people. Really big, really rich people…

At yet another rally, he joked with the crowd in his usual witty way, saying that the fishing must be fantastic…

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10 Responses to Climate change… part 5…

  1. Donnie says:

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    read this kind of article.I wish to we appreciate you the particular
    initiatives you had designed for writing this great write-up.

  2. Rhino House says:

    I love this man; he makes me feel so good just to be anybody else.

  3. You trumped my comment! Scariest plan anywhere, but then, if he can lie about public, televised words, and still get the support of the older generation, they are dumb enough to be governed by him — I’m going to Fiji to set up a compound — want to come along?

  4. Rotten Ray says:

    I understand that Romney wants FEMA to provide submarines to all investment bankers under water.

  5. Trent Lewin says:

    Ha! Well done. I think Mitt Romney’s floatation pants are likely soiled at the moment however, as he will hopefully be thrashed come election day. I honestly don’t have a stake in this – being Canadian and all – but that man is a total joke. And speaking of jokes, I wrote an impression of Mr. Romney a while ago, it is located here for your amusement:

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