Climate change… part 4…

I am still trying to take a depressing issue and look on the bright side… which should become easier as the sun gets hotter and brighter, right?

Now this might seem insensitive on my part in light of the big storm that just hit the Eastern seaboard and New York, but maybe we should consider it a wakeup call. Perhaps this is a warning. And maybe there is still time to heed this warning. As long as the changes happen gradually and everyone has time to move inland, there should be no loss of life. And if that is the way it plays out, then we just have to look at it as a gift. Like we will have some fun places to practice our high dives…

Maybe, just maybe, people will still be able to live in some of the taller buildings… except for when the next super storm comes to visit…

Yeah, those people will have some nice views… and most likely some great fishing as well.

London is also very close to sea level. And very close to the sea…

But even sailors need to know what time it is.

Admiral Nelson, perched on his oh-so-tall pedestal, will finally return to his beloved ocean…

And if you ask me, the pyramids of Egypt have always looked a little parched…

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31 Responses to Climate change… part 4…

  1. fascsocunism says:

    In order for that type of rise in sea levels it would require changes which current ‘weather change’ models cannot support or prove scientifically. Also, we should be so self absorbed to think that we have such a drastic effect on the earth as a whole while neglecting to take into account the increasing solar activity into the cause of any climate change we have seen…

  2. judithatwood says:

    This is a great, lighter side kind of post, which doesn’t deny the seriousness of the problem, but neither does it dwell on the problem. I am reblogging this. Thanks for the post!

  3. judithatwood says:

    Reblogged this on Diabetic Redemption and commented:
    Many thanks to my friend, Pouring My Art Out, for this lighter look at the rising oceans of the world.

  4. Mooselicker says:

    The real carnage from Sandy has been happening after the storm. People are fighting over gas. They’re making it seem like it’s that way all over but it’s only a 20-30 mile radius or so that’s like this. The problem, this 20-30 mile radius is the most densley populated area in the United States.

    I only take offense to the use of Admiral Nelson. Who the heck is that?

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