What are we doing here?… Part 3

We are all reaching out! That is what we are doing here. We are looking for contact, for connection. We hunger to be acknowledged. We thirst to be recognized. To be approved of. We want to be liked. After all, they put the button right there, and if you read my words and enjoyed them, you most likely clicked on it. You ‘liked’ my effort, and by extension, doesn’t that imply that you ‘like’ me, at least a little?

And in some weird way, the fact that you ‘like’ me makes me feel less alone. Now that I think about it, this accounts for my fixation with my stats. The more people that ‘like’ me, the more validation I receive, the better I feel about myself. In short, it makes me happy… (Oh, I don’t mean you people who just go around ‘liking’ everybody without reading a single word. I am not judging you. I do not despise you. But I just might pity you a little, because it strikes me as a hollow and meaningless way to live your life. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a comment is worth at least a million ‘likes’)…

As a person who is exclusively art-side-of-the-brain oriented, I have often wondered what drives me to draw and paint, sculpt, write and sing. I was never entirely sure if I was doing it for myself or for other people. But now I am beginning to see that I do it for both. From those very first cave paintings, humans were trying to leave something of themselves behind when they passed on to the great unknown. But those earliest artists must have enjoyed the fact that their fellow humans gazed upon these works and admired them. Liked them. When creating art, you are putting something of yourself into a place where you can share it with others. Sharing is the cornerstone of friendship. And friendship is the one way to not be alone.

Unless you paint the Sistine Chapel, get hung in the Louvre, get published, or perform at Madison Square Gardens, it is hard to show a lot of people your art. Even those first cave painters were probably annoyed at how hard it is to get people to come over to your cave just to see your latest picture of an elk. I can so relate to that. As much as I tease WordPress, they have come up with a pretty spiffy way to put your stuff out there.

In conclusion, I would like to admit that we may not have actually learned much from these three little posts. Sometimes that is exactly what happens when I start thinking about things. Nothing.

But every once in a while, picking things apart and looking at the pieces from different angles leads to insights or perhaps learning a thing or two. So I am going to keep on doing it.

I hope you ‘liked’ what I had to say.

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39 Responses to What are we doing here?… Part 3

  1. sacha1nch1 says:

    so i’m right in thinking that you don’t mind that i’ve never ‘liked’ a single word you’ve said, but you’d like me less if i just ‘liked’ and didn’t comment, but would like me more if i ‘liked’ and commented, and would ‘miss’ me if i went away………i’ve changed my mind; you couldn’t possibly like me any more than you do…

  2. I thought it was just me. (now does that sound unliked?). As much as I appreciate the ‘likes’, I can feel the ‘love’ more when people comment, and then I feel ‘liked’ with a little extra umph. And, yes, I guess I do need that. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by all the comments I want to post and the blogs I want to look at and read. And I feel like my husband is looking at me and saying “can this be considered cheating?”. I spend a lot of time fussing with these blogs. But, you know what they say (whoever “they” are) – If it feels good…
    You should feel liked. You are talented.
    Pensive post.

  3. Mooselicker says:

    I agree with all you wrote in these 3 posts. We want to be wanted. I’m glad you’re not one of those people who pretends they don’t need others. Too many people are like that.

    I no longer obsess over stats. My heart gets more broken when the bloggers I like and follow don’t comment more than anything. I got my most views ever last Monday and got maybe 4 comments all day? It’s flattering yes, but at this point I’d rather know who’s reading more than anything.

  4. Next Stop, Willoughby says:

    I want to live in the Smithsonian Museum of American Art.

    I got my most ‘likes’ yesterday.

    I think they should change the name of the like button to ‘stupendous’

  5. GingerSnaap says:

    I started blogging last summer because….wait for it……..I was BORED!

    Then it became a way to ‘meet’ new people cuz I always like meeting new people- it keeps the boredom on the down low. It’s like a big party every day of the week and I am the guest that will NEVER leave ;o)

  6. BuddhaKat says:

    hi again…
    well… I have a Sally Field refrain kicking around in my head now… you know the one I mean?
    so when you speak of getting “like” hits vs comments, I totally get that, especially in relation to something I’ve created. It’s different, if I just “curate” something I like or am moved by, eg a video, or an excellent news article/topic. If I actually publish something I create, be it art or writing or… when I create, I’ve actually included a piece of my authentic self/soul, and, well… I’m just glad there’s not a “don’t like” button!!! Cause by revealing that aspect of myself that happens when I create, I guess it IS important to me whether others like/feel/enjoy/are moved. But I’d rather have a comment than a “like”, if I had to pick either/or, any day! Not that I don’t appreciate a “like”!!!

    if a tree falls in the forest…
    if I publish something and no one sees/reads it…


    • The Sally Field refrain thing has me baffled… Gidget? The Flying Nun?
      I love the ‘don’t like button’ idea. We could also use the following buttons;
      I approve of your message, but am not impressed with the wording.
      You crack me up… too bad you are a racist ignoramus.
      I hate all you stand for, but that picture of the baby monkey… priceless.
      Does your mommy know you are playing on the computer?
      I see where you are going with this… but you are not there yet.
      Dude, you totally stole this from a post I just did yesterday.
      I will report you to the authorities…

      • BuddhaKat says:

        I’m loving all the extra button ideas… but then, would there be room for comments?
        When Sally Field won her Oscar she squeeched “You like me… You really like me!!!” I had to verify that it was her – whilst entering dreamland last night, it suddenly occurred to me it could’ve been the “dayngo baybay” lady Meryl Streep… but it was little miss flying nun, not for Norma Rae, but some other serious type role…


      • BuddhaKat says:

        sorry – didn’t mean to mislead… I spoke/typed before checking with my brain!!!


  7. It is far too easy to click that button, but I do like this post. And I bet it was far easier to be an artist if you were a cavegirl… Did I just go there? Never mind. I should probably stick to simply clicking the like button.

  8. babedarla says:

    “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a comment is worth at least a million ‘likes’”
    Oh, ain’t that the truth! Pressing the like button is so easy, and sometimes I’m guilty of taking the easy way out myself, but the COMMENTS are what leave us feeling connected!

  9. I’m hung – just not in the Louvre. And I didn’t ‘like’ what you said, but I liked what you said. Even if your triple post count messes up your views-to-posts ratio.

    It’s something worth considering, but I think as long as it is done in moderation, with moderation having different definitions for different people, you can come on here and post without ruining the personal human element. For example, last night…..

  10. elroyjones says:

    This is exactly why I continue to insist, demand, and badger. You have a gift for writing. I don’t care if you make money from it or not; if you want to then I hope you do, in the meantime I look forward to reading what you’ve written.

    Yes, we blog to connect, to communicate. I do it because I’ve lost interest in being published but I have things to say. I want to say things, without being interrupted, to an audience that shares my passion for the creative aspect.

    I get that you love all of your creative endeavors but from my completely objective position writing is your gift, it’s where you shine, sparkle, and glitter.

  11. persuaded2go says:

    A like and a comment! Boring comment, but perhaps unique is a better word.

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