Ed… a man for all seasons…

We are today paying tribute to the man, the legend, the myth, that is Edward Hotspur.

If you want to know more about Ed, go down to my post titled, ‘We will miss him’, from May 18th. In this post I did a eulogy for him because he told us he had died… sort of… But that post sums up the way I feel about Ed… sort of…

In all honesty, the man is freekin brilliant. He can stuff words down your throat and make you laugh while you gag… literally…

So today we are all hanging around his blog making him feel good about himself and jacking up his hit points. I am only going along with this plan because he didn’t tell us to do it, other people are behind it, so it isn’t as self-serving as it sounds. And because I hope someday they all do this for me again when I am here to enjoy it. Ed certainly doesn’t need out help. He is a phenomenon. He is an institution… (or he should be in one)… He is the real deal… just ask him yourself.

See you over at Ed’s place. I will save you a seat on the green couch.


Just go… what’s the worst that could happen?

(Oh, and in a supreme irony, all he is doing today is re blogging his old posts, because he has apparently run out of new ideas, and there are no pretty clouds to take pictures of)…

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31 Responses to Ed… a man for all seasons…

  1. elroyjones says:

    Ed is a seasoned man. I went and looked, I’ve been before, he’s still funny.

  2. Thank you, PMAO, for your kind of words. I mean, kind words. This will seem a little muted because I’m still reeling from the loss of what I thought was going to be a set of great kid pics, plus my next photoblog of awesome.

    Anyway, you’re a cool guy, and you have some great posts and awesome ideas. Keep up the goodness and the gracious and the great balls of fire.

  3. persuaded2go says:

    I would do this for you. But not Ed. He’s too normal.

  4. bats0711 says:

    Legend…that was the word I was looking for and here I am calling him a genius.

  5. The Hobbler says:

    I love it! I would love to mob you again sometime. We really had so much fun. You did seem to be here for part of it. This is a wonderful tribute, and your eulogy is too. He is one lucky guy to have fans like you. 😉

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