If the colors aren’t shifting…

in the picture of me below…

Try clicking on it.

If they are shifting, please let me know, because I can’t see it on my own post.

If it worked, it should look awesome.

If it didn’t, I just look like a computer moron once again.

About pouringmyartout

You will laugh at my antics... That is my solemn promise to you... Or your money back... Stop on by...
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27 Responses to If the colors aren’t shifting…

  1. artjen1971 says:

    It works, and you look like a psychedelic Jeff Foxworthy! 🙂

  2. Mars says:

    Clicking works like magic! But if it’s supposed to work without clicking then by all means, curse you, worpress

  3. Matt Johnsen says:

    with things like this, it’s not usually the image, its the client side browser.

  4. sj says:

    I can see it moving in my reader feed, but when I click to visit the blog, it’s suddenly not moving anymore. Weird.

  5. Very, ah, psychedelic. From one computer moron to another ( although I don’t know you and should limit my name calling ) I am so jealous! I always want to know how to do everything on my blog and I know next to nothing. I’m also impressed – like you care. Be seeing you…

  6. elroyjones says:

    Very clever, an interactive post!

  7. Marie Overfors says:

    Clicking does it. Looks like you had a good time back then!

  8. In my e-mail notification…it was movin’ like crazy!
    On your site I had to click on it. But, it’s awesome!!!

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